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The following roads have been closed

No road closures reported.

Current Construction

Road Start Date Planned Completion
Grey Road 15 from 18th St E to 800m North of 18th St E
Notes: Overlay and Reconstruction
2018-06-05 2018-11-03
Grey Road 32 from Highway 10 to Grey Road 30
Notes: Work will include: pulverize and pave to 3.25m wide travel lanes with 0.75m wide paved shoulders, crest and sag reconstruction, and culvert replacement.
2018-07-10 2018-09-01
Grey Road 17 from Highway 6 to Wolseley
Notes: Work will Include: pulverize and pave to 3.5m wide travel lanes with 1.25m wide paved shoulders; reconstruction of curves west of Wolseley; guiderail installation and culvert replacement.
2018-08-07 2018-09-29
Grey Road 9 from Grey Road 8 to Ida street
Notes: Work will include: asphalt overlay to 3.5m wide travel lanes with 1.5m wide paved shoulders.
2018-08-08 2018-08-25

Planned Construction

Road Start Date Planned Completion
Grey Road 14 from Southgate Road 3 to Southgate Road 10
Notes: Microsurfacing
2018-08-21 2018-08-25
Grey Road 4 from Highway 6 to Chester St W
Notes: Full Urban Reconstruction
2018-08-31 2018-11-01
Grey Road 1 from 10th Street West to 14th Street West
Notes: Mill and Pave
2018-09-11 2018-09-22
Grey Road 124 from Grey Road 9 to Simcoe Road 124
Notes: Microsurfacing
2018-12-01 2018-12-31
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